All-Time FIFA World Cup Winners List

Football World Cup now commonly known as “FIFA World Cup” started back in 1930 when they first world cup was held in Uruguay. 1930 World Cup was the only tournament without a qualifying round as only countries which were affiliated with “FIFA” invited for the competition. 13 countries took part in the first ever world cup and Uruguay went on to become first ever World Champions defeating Argentina in the final.

Brazil is th most successful team in Football World Cup history having won 5 titles

Brazil is th most successful team in Football World Cup history having won 5 titles

Since 1930 20 world cup has taken place and 8 different teams has won the competition with Brazil winning record 5 times, Germany and Italy won 4 titles each followed by Uruguay and Argentina who won it twice. England, France and Spain are the only other countries to have won the world cup. We take a look at past winners of FIFA World Cup from 1930 to 2014.

Past Winners of Football World Cup
1930 Uruguay flag footballUruguay Argentina Uruguay: 13 teams were invited. no qualification
1934 italyItaly Czechslovakia Italy: 16 teams qualified through qualification round
1938 italyItaly Hungary France: 16 teams qualified but Austria withdrew
1950 Uruguay flag footballUruguay Brazil Brazil: 13 teams competed after 3 teams withdrew
1954 GermanyWest Germany Hungary Switzerland: 16 teams from 4 regions
1958 BrazilBrazil Sweden Sweden: 16 team from three regions (no asia)
1962 BrazilBrazil Czechslovakia Chile: 16 teams (no teams from Asia or Africa)
1966 England cricket flagEngland West Germany England: 16 teams 4 regions (North Korea Asian)
1970 BrazilBrazil Italy Mexico: 16 teams 5 regions (Morocco 1st africa side)
1974 GermanyWest Germany Netherlands West Germany: 16 teams 5 regions
1978 argentinaArgentina Netherlands Argentina: 16 teams
1982 italyItaly West Germany Spain: Expanded to 24 teams from 6 confederations
1986 argentinaArgentina West Germany Mexico: 24 teams and 52 matches made it biggest
1990 GermanyWest Germany Argentina Italy: 24 teams (More than 1 Asian team for first time)
1994 BrazilBrazil  Italy United States: 24 teams 5 confenderations
1998 FranceFrance  Brazil France: Expanded to 32 teams (8 groups of 4 teams)
2002 BrazilBrazil  Germany Korea/Japan: 32 teams, (first time in hosted in asia)
2006 italyItaly  France Germany: 32 teams, 64 matches, record attendance
2010 SpainSpain  Netherlands South Africa: 32 teams (first time in Africa)
2014 GermanyGermany  Argentina Brazil: 32 team (most viewed world cup in history)

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Most Successful FIFA World Cup Team: Brazil has won the competition record 5 times (2002, 1994, 1970, 1962 and 1958) they also lost two finals in (1998 and 1950). Pele is the only player to have won three world cups which is a unique record and from the looks of things will stay forever.

Germany won the most recent FIFA World Cup in 2014 and it was their fourth title but first since coming a unified country.

Germany and Italy has won four world cups each. West Germany was by far the most consistent team after 1950 as they not only won 4 world cups but also lost 4 world cup finals. Netherlands is the only team to have appeared in the final more than 2 teams and fail to win the world cup. They lost three finals (1974, 1978 and 2010)

Only European or South American teams has won the world cup so far. Only United States and Turkey are the only teams (outside Europe and South America) to have finished 3rd in world cups.