PES 2017 New Features, Screenshots and Details Released

Konami has officially announced the “PES 2017” set to hit the market on 20th September 2016 worldwide. They have released extensive details about the new game from new screenshots to several new features both in the gameplay and user interference. We a in-depth look at PES 2017 and how this year’s title is shaping up.

PES 2017 New Features announced
Konami has confirmed that “PES 2017” title and released first set of details about the game. The game is set to be released on PC, XboxOne and PS4 while the older gen consoles will also get a slightly modified copy of the game. The number of new features/improvement announced in the PES 2017 title are pretty impressive and we take a look at them all below.

New gameplay features:

PES has always been about realistic gameplay and after couple of years chasing the glamour side, Konami are finally settling with what made PES popular in first place and thats a realistic gameplay. They will reveal the new game on this year’s E3 game exhibition with the tagline “Control reality”.

  1. Real Touch: A new player model system is introduced with different players controlling and manipulating the ball in their own unique way which will open up so many unique scenarios during the match.
  2. Precise Pass: Konami also reveal the all new “precise pass” system which will play a key role in how the game is played. Precise pass is all about making a pass in the right situation and best timing will generate what konami describe as “perfect trajectory”
  3. Total Team Control: PES 2017 will let you setup several strategies before the kickoff or save permanently and use them during game with touch of a button without having to pause and do it all over again. Set up teams in tiki taka style, counter attacking or even park the bus.
  4. Custom corner/set piece strategies: Just like FIFA, PES 2017 will let users create their own custom style strategies for corners and set pieces.
  5. Artificial intelligence:   Although Konami always promise improved AI in the game, this year a “learning AI” is set to be introduced which will game much more unpredictable.
  6. Improved graphics: Like every other title, PES 2017 will come with improved crisp graphics thanks to improvised fox engine.
  7. Natural Player Movement: Konami engineers has worked hard on creating hundreds on new animation and assigned it to different players giving it a unique experience playing with Jamie Vardy for example.
  8. Jim Beglin and improved commentary: one feature which always bothered PES fans was boring and generic commentary, Konami has confirmed Jim Beglin has returning and hopefully better quality in terms of commentary.

Here are some of the officially released screenshots of the game.

PES 2017 Cover: Since Messi’s deal with EA Sports is set to expire, Konami is ready to pounce on a chance to sign Lionel Messi. Currently Ronaldo and Neymar has the deal with Konami and both appeared in 2016 PES cover and regardless of Messi’s sign with Konami or not both are highly likely to appear on Konami’s latest installment of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 title. Messi might return on the cover from 2018.

New Portuguese Commentators:  Jim Beglin and Peter Drury are set to remain english commentators but Konami are set to make major change in Portuguese version of the game where Silvio Luiz and Mauro Beting are set to be replaced by the duo of Milton Leite and Mauricio Noreiga.

Both were added by PES official twitter account and we can expect an announcement from PES regarding new commentary team.

Release Date: PES 2017 is set to be released atleast 1 week ahead of the FIFA 17 release. Which means we might get PES 2017 worldwide on around 13th to 15th September 2016. Releasing the game ahead of FIFA is crucial as far as sales are concerned because even though PES 2016 was declared the best football game last year, FIFA blitz past PES in terms of sales by quite some margin. Konami usually releases demo of the new game every year like 1 month ahead of the official release of the game.

Rumoured new features & Improvements:

Konami are looking at several new fronts to improve the game. Here are few features Konami will be looking to add or furnish in the upcoming title.

  1. PES community has pressed Konami to consider developing a slowed paced game play and one of the PES developers acknowledged the suggestion in one of the PES forums online.
  2. Already crisp graphics are also set to get an overhaul with improved player facial animations according to emotions. New stadium graphics, specially the ones official available in the game. Graphic/Texture of the grass will also get a massive upgrade with weather conditions taking into account. Player jerseys and bodies are set to be independent.
  3. PES is also working on a system to give more freedom to “Mods” so that they can edit team kits, rosters, stadiums, boots and overall presentation of the game.
  4. PES community has been asking Konami to add “Game Face App” just like in NBA 2k where players can add their own faces into the game. We are highly likely to see this feature in 2017 edition.