George Groves vs Chris Eubank Jr Purse Payouts (Confirmed)

George Groves is set to take on Chris Eubank Jr in all British middleweight clash which will take place at the Manchester Arena in Manchester on Saturday, 17th February 2017. This fight is part of the highly successful “World Boxing Super Series” and the winner of this fight will take on the winner of other semifinal where Callum Smith take on yet to announced opponent. Fights don’t come any bigger than this at the moment in British boxing and there is alot at stake for both Groves and Eubank Jr with lion share of $50 million tournament purse and future big money fights. Considering the hype revolving this fight you might wonder, How much both fighters will be making for this fight and in this tournament in general ? well lets take a look at potential purse for both fighters.

George Groves vs Chris Eubank Jr Purse Payouts: This fight is part of the “World Boxing Super Series” where two different tournaments are taking place one for the super middleweight category and the other for Cruiser-weight category. The combine prize money for both events is $50 million where winners of both tournaments will take the lions share. Fighters are also paid per fight purse However Super Middle-weight category event has the bigger purse per match and in the final compared to cruiser-weight.

So both Super middle-weight and cruiser-weight tournament begin at quarterfinal stage and all fighters will get the fight purse just to show up. As they reach semifinal and finals the per fight purse will increase as well.

Winners of tournaments will get $6 million each. As far as the per fight purse are concerned they increase as the tournament goes into later stages. The first round matches will have $2 million purse for every fight where both fighters share 50/50. Followed by semifinals where purse will be $4m per fight and again shared by 50/50 ratio. While both finals will have $9 million purse where winner will get $6 million and losing finalist get $3 million each.

This is a bracket system example of “World Boxing Super Series” super middleweight tournament. Fighters will get purse for every fight and ultimately the winner will take home massive prize money for winning the tournament and of course the Muhammad Ali Trophy.

How the Prize Money fund is generated ? Well the prize money fund is derived mainly from potential TV deals where ITV UK won the rights to broadcast all fights live in the UK on PPV and some on normal terrestrial channels. In the US showtime will be broadcasting the fights as non-ppv events. There are many international TV deals as well and the revenue from TV money makes the majority of the $50 million prize money fund. Rest comes from individual fight sponsorship and gate-receipts.