FIFA 18 vs PES 2018 Comparison – Which game will be better ?

EA Sports has officially announced the FIFA 18 which will be released on Friday, September 29, 2017 worldwide. EA’s promotional activities has already hit its peak with all sorts of advertisement regarding the game’s new features hitting the web and TV together. Konami on the other hand also showcasing first gameplay glimps of PES 2018 in the E3 show in mid june. We take a look at the known details of both upcoming games and weigh up their features.

FIFA 18 vs PES 2018 Comparison:

Both camps have released the official tailors of the game and we start our comparison with those sneak peaks.

FIFA has taken their focus on so many game modes in the game itself like the “Journey”, “Ultimate Team”, “Seasons”, “Offline career mode”, “be a pro” and what not. While there seem to be some improvement in game-play but not much to call it a radical change.

PES 2018 on the other hand comes with improved graphics and so much focus on improving the gameplay that it might actually be a better game in terms of closer to reality. So without fasting more time lets hop into new features of both games starting with EA Sports FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 New Features:

EA like always promised so many new things going into the release date of the game and we have picked up a few features which might actually make a different in both gameplay and over presentation.

  1. Varied Team Styles: EA has introduced all new “team styles” in the game where certain teams will follow real-world strategies for example, Barcelona to have tiki-taka style while some Italian teams set to defend in numbers.
  2. Authentic Player Personalities: Another similar feature like team style is FIFA 18 comes with authentic player personalities and attributes. EA focus on if you are playing with Ronaldo it should feel like Ronaldo might actually come true finally. There are as many as 150 unique player styles which will surely add to realism in the game.
  3. New Dribbling Mechanism: Another game-play related improvement come in the form of enhanced dribbling which will help in 1 v 1 situation. Previously dribbling system was very jerky specially online and rarely you could manuver the skill set you wanted but with new system it will be smoother and easier to perform skill moves even in crowded areas.
  4. Upgrades To Journey Mode: Now this is a sell-on feature for EA since last year and after so so introduction of Alex Hunter in FIFA 17, EA has upgraded this story mode with so many new cool features. Real-time pres-conferences to rumour mill news. However, you can still only use Alex Hunter and unable to create your own player.
  5. New Legendary FUT Icons: Now this is something to be exciting about, unlike the previous years, FIFA 18 comes with some of the all time greatest FUT Icons including Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo, Henry and LEV YASHIN.

PES 2018 New Features:

Pro Evolution Soccer has always focused more on the gameplay and realism and thats what we will be getting with the new edition of PES 2018 which hit the shelves on 12 September 2017 worldwide. Not much details have been announced so far but below are some of the new features and improvments promised by Konami.

  1. Realistic Game-speed and Control: As both FIFA and PES evolved over the years one thing neither franchise could master is the pace of the game reflecting modern football. However, PES 2018 is coming with much more sophisticated engine which will help replicate the real-world pace of the game thanks to Konami’s new “Real Touch + system” where players can control the ball with different parts of the body. It will help balance out counter attacking football and the possession based.
  2. Realistic Player Movement: Another feature which always gets mentioned every year is player movement and Konami are heading into right direction with their animation system which will allow players to shield/dribble and control the ball with tender movements of both analogue sticks.
  3. Master League Upgrade: Finally Konami has work done on outdated “Master League” which comes with whole list of new features including pre and post match interviews. Dressing room cameras and all new transfer system reflecting real world transfer frenzy.
  4. Improved Graphics & Realistic Stadiums: PES always produce some of the best graphics in a sports game and this year’s won’t be any different. Some of the licensed stadiums in PES become even more realistic with crowds, tunnels, banners reflecting real world image of those stadiums for example Barcelona’s Nou Camp and Borussia Dortmund’s Sigma Iduna Park.

So looking at both games so far its so obvious FIFA 18 is more glamorous with whole list of features and game modes which will take you through whole year until FIFA 19 comes out. PES 18 on the other hand is heading back to its roots and they are focusing purely on game play experience making it a unique football gaming experience. If FIFA 18 is aimed at both hardcore and casual football fans, PES 18 is for the purest.