FIFA 17 Wishlist (Career Mode & New Features)

Here are top 10 new ideas & features which we would like to see in FIFA 17 next year. You can also add your suggestions which we will be forwarding to EA Sports in February 2016.

FIFA 17 Wishlist new features
FIFA 16 came out in September and as usual the games sales were far better than PES 2016 which came out more a less at the same time. FIFA has already put a daylight between their franchise and PES and frankly speaking there is not much of a comparison between two as FIFA as head and shoulders above PES specially in Online modes. When it comes to offline career mode FIFA lacks innovation and it has been left untouched for best part of last 4-5 years. Today we are starting a threat with new ideas and suggestions which can improve FIFA career mode in next installment.

We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestion and you can interact by commenting below. You can also “up-vote” ideas posted by other users to make a list of top 10 new ideas/suggestions for career mode which we will be forwarding to EA Sports. In the meantime here are our few ideas to get things started.

Online Career Mode & Custom Tournaments: It would be great if we can somehow integrate career modes with mates online. An online career mode where we can invite 1 or more mates to join. For example I start a career mode and invite 3-4 of my mates to join. Everything remains the same like offline career mode but the games are played on a specific day/time. If one of the mate fails to play his game on time his match is simulated and once all mates has played their matches we can move to next week. Same goes from custom online tournaments where we can invite or join other users.

Scenario Mode: There should be an option to start the career mode either from the scratch or EA can put together a few scenarios from real-life football to pick from. When we start new career mode we could either choose team of our choice/difficulty level etc or a few scenarios are extracted from real-life for example starting with Aston Villa 15 games into the season to avoid relegation. or replacing Jose mourinho as Chelsea manager with current situation. It will give a new dimension to career mode.

Team Styles, CPU & AI: FIFA 16 is pretty solid game as far as CPU and artificial intelligence is concerned but EA can keep tweaking for more improved gameplay. Right now only the scoreline in specific game has impact CPU gameplay and movements but it will be great if the results in the ongoing season, player transfers, managerial changes can have a telling effect on how the teams play against us.

Transfer System Overhaul: EA can finally introduce transfer system where we have Buy-out/buy-back clauses, players running down their contracts on purpose, swap plus cash deals.

Authentic Managers: If FIFA can have real-life player faces why not have managers as well on the touchlines ? Jurgen Klopp doing his hunky funky stuff, LVG rooted to his seat and Wenger can’t zip his jacket. Why not ?

Recorded player statistics from previous career mode: Would love to see players statistics such as goals, assist, cleansheets recorded season by season. Career statistics shown during the career mode gameplay from time to time.

FIFA 17 Wishlist new featuresIndividual Awards: EA Sports is official licensed product of FIFA and they should be able to use FIFA Ballon d’OR award in career mode. Maybe have a small animation ceremony where ballon dor is give to best player of the year and Also reveal the team of the year XI.

Awards records should also be recorded and we should be able to see previous season award winners in the later seasons.

These are just a few ideas which FIFA fans have been begging for a while and these are few tweaks which can add so much excitement to the game.  You can share your ideas and suggestions in the comments below.