FIFA 17 Cover, Trailer, New Screenshots & Features Officially Revealed

EA SPorts has officially confirmed the “FIFA 17” with unveiling all new trailer which hit the social media on monday night. EA Sports confirmed that game will be officially launched on 27th September 2016 in North America and two days later in UK/Europe and rest of the world. Number of changes in the game has been confirmed from new cover stars to new game engine and what not. We take a in-depth look at the new game and what new features in will bring.

FIFA 17 Cover Stars:

Unlike the previous editions, EA Sports are taking a new route as far as FIFA covers are concerned. With Messi’s contract expire with EA Sports they have unveiled the new cover with as many as four young starts including James Rodriguez, Anthony Martial, Eden Hazard and Marco Reus.

FIFA 17 to use all new Frostbite game engine:

FIFA 17 cover
EA Sports also confirmed the news that “ignite engine” will be ditched and FIFA 17 will move to new engine called “Frostbite”. EA Sports designed the ignite engine specifically for sports games prior to the release of XboxOne and PS4 and FIFA will become the first sports game to use Frostbite engine which will properly use the power of current gen consoles.

FIFA 17 New Features:

The new trailer did not reveal much apart from added hype of Jose Mourinho versing a few lines but if you take a deeper look and pause on certain points you will see number of changes.

Life-like managers on the touchlines: For the very first time FIFA 17 will bring the life-like managers and animations on the touchlines.

Highly improved graphics: With the new game engine, EA Sports confirmed that it will take FIFA series to who new level with improved graphics all around from players, stadiums crowds and almost real cut-scenes and replays.

Fluid animations: Although FIFA has improved in so many ways over the last few installments, it was evident with the release of FIFA 16 that ignite engine has reached its full potential. Erratic player movements specially defenders caused a lot of criticism from fans but with new “Frostbite engine” we are likely to see much more fluid movements as seen in the Battlefield series.

Check out the official game trailer released by EA Sports on Monday night. EA will released a full fledged gameplay trailer on 12th June 2016 in the E3 gaming convention