FIFA 16 Released Worldwide On All Consoles Including Next-gen Xbox one & PS4

Demo will be released first on PS4 & XboxOne on 08 September 2015 with 8 club and 2 women national teams. more details are below.

FIFA 16 Demo:

Playstation: EA Sports has released the playable demo for FIFA 16 already on playstation network (PSN Store) in different regions. Following at the regions/countries where the demi has been released.

Its free to download and file is 4.5gp and you can use PSN Store to download the demo in your console.

Xbox: EA Sports confirmed that XboxONE and Xbox 360 also get the playable demo to be made available through Xbox Marketplace

PC: PC demo is also set to be released through official EA Sports origin website.

What is included in the demo ?
The details of what will be included in the FIFA 16 demo is also revealed. Here is some of the confirmed info from EA Sports so far.

  • 2 Women teams (USA & Germany)
  • 8 club teams (Chelsea FC, Manchester City, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Borussia Mönchengladbach, PSG, Inter Milan, River Plate, Seattle Sounders FC)
  • Stadiums (Borussia Park, Santiago Bernabeu, CenturyLink Field)
  • You can play kickoff match of 4 minutes half with weather rain/dry plus day or night settings.

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EA Sports has officially confirmed the release date of FIFA 16 for 22 September 2015 in US. A teaser video showing new game mode “women football” trailer and initial feature details has also been revealed. The demo will be released on 09th September 2015

FIFA16 Release Date

FIFA 16 Release Dates (Confirmed)

  1. North America – 22 September 2015
  2. Europe/UK/worldwide – 25 September 2015
  3. Demo – 09-10 september 2015

So there you have it folks, FIFA 16 will be hitting the shelves on 22 September with “Women Footballer” as the marque new feature in the game. This year FIFA 16 will be release on all plateforms including the next gen version on Xbox One and PS4 and also on xbox 360 and PS3.

FIFA 16 First Gameplay Trailer:

FIFA 16 Official Trailer (Women Footballer in the game):