All 16 Copa America Centenario 2016 Kits (Revealed)

We take a look at each and every participating country’s official kits for 2016 Copa America. Most of the teams will carry over their 2015 Copa America kits but a few will release the new kits for 2016 Edition. We take a look at each and every country official home and away kits.

USA 2016 Copa America Kits: (New)

USA’s home & away kits for Copa America has been officially released and both are unique styled shirts designed by american brand Nike.

Brazil 2016 Copa America Kits: (both new)

Nike released both new home and away kits for Brazil set to be used in upcoming Copa Centenario.

Argentina – Adidas (new home kit)

Adidas will be releasing all new home kit for Argentina which comes in traditional design but shorts will be black. While the away kit will be carried over from 2015.

Chile – Nike (Both New)

Chile signed a new 8 year kit contract with Nike after 2015 Copa America. Unlike the earlier reports of Nike not releasing new kits for Chile, they did actually released new kits for Copa America.

Mexico – Adidas (New home kit only)

Mexico released the new home kit while the away kit will be carried over from last year.

Bolivia – Marathon (Both New)

Marathon has already unveiled the new home and away kits for Bolivia set to be used in 2016 Copa America in USA.

Colombia – Adidas (new home kit)

Adidas has released the new home kit for Colombia set to be used in 2016 Copa America. New home kit comes in white colour with red and navy blue application. The away kit will be the same like last year.

Costa Rica – New Balance (carry over)

Costa Rica is set to keep their last years kits

Ecuador – Marathon (both new kits)

Marathon has already officially released the new home and away kits for Ecuador which will be used in the 2016 Copa America.

Paraguay – Adidas (Carry-Over)

Paraguay won’t release any new kits for Copa America as they will use the same kits from 2015.

Jamaica – Romai Sports (Carry-Over)

Jamaica will also keep their 2015 shirts which were used last year in 2015 Copa America in Chile.

Venezuela – Adidas (carry-over)

Set to keep their 2015 kits used in last year’s competition.

Panama – New Balance (new)

New balance has released the two new kits for Panama set to be used in 2016 edition.

Peru – Umbro (Carry-Over)

Peru will also keep their last years Umbro kits and won’t be releasing new kits for this years competition.

Haiti – Saeta (new)

All new home kit for Haiti has been released by local kit supplier called Saeta.

Copa America 2016 Kits released
Celebrating 100th anniversary of Copa America, the next edition will take place in the summer of 2016 for the first time outside South America. It will take place in United States and titled as “Copa America Centenario”. unlike the previous Copa America editions 16 teams will take part in what will be the biggest South America regional competition in history. 10 teams from South America and 6 teams from North America and Central America will participate in this years competition.